Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


You should be 23 or older with a valid driver’s licence card that you have held for 2 or more years. A Young Driver may be authorised if the driver’s age is less than 23 years; this driver must have held a valid driver’s license for a minimum of 3 years. If the driver is below the age of 23 a Young Drivers Surcharge of R65.00 per day will apply.

PSF Car Hire accepts all major credit cards, hybrid cheque cards, electronic fund transfers (EFT) as well as debit cards for payment.

A holding/security deposit is an amount held by PSF Car Hire for the duration of your rental period to cover any additional charges that may be incurred.

Provided there are no extra charges at the end of your rental period, PSF Car Hire will refund your deposit or the balance due to you within 48 working hours.

Vehicles are delivered with a full tank and the renter is responsible for the delivery of the vehicle to us with a full tank, upon return, All vehicles are refuelled on termination of the rental to ensure the tank is totally full as a courtesy to the next renter. The renter will be responsible for the payment of the cost of refilling the vehicle upon its return. In addition, a fuel top-up levy of R150 will be charged on all vehicles that are not returned with a full tank.

Contract Fees are levied as we are legally required to store and administer documents.

Once you have received medical attention, please contact our 24-hour helpline on 0800 111 998 (011 799 1670).


The renter will be assisted in the following way:


  • Message Relay Service

PSF Car Hire will relay a message to a family member, friend or colleague anywhere in South Africa in the event of a breakdown or accident.


  • Flat Tyre Assistance

If the vehicle’s spare tyre is inflated and serviceable, it will be installed to replace the flat tyre at the renter’s expense. When a serviceable spare tyre is unavailable, towing will be provided, at the renter’s expense.

  • Emergency Fuel Delivery

If the vehicle runs out of fuel, a limited supply of fuel will be delivered to the renter to enable you to reach the nearest petrol station. (Cost of the fuel and delivery fee for the renter’s account).


  • Battery Jump Start

If the vehicle’s battery is dead, the service provider will jump-start the vehicle at the renter’s expense, unless the battery jump start was required due to mechanical failure.


  • Towing Service

Sometimes a breakdown will occur at inconvenient locations. If the vehicle breaks down and requires towing, contact PSF Car Hire and we will appoint a towing operator to tow the vehicle to the nearest repairer, at the renter’s expense. Towing may never be authorised by the renter.